Fall AUditions are HERE!


(sign up closes Sept 19, 11:59 pm)

Audition date: Saturday, September 22nd for new members

Audition slots are available for sign-up on calendar below!

Location TBD.

The audition comprises two parts:

SOLO, Anything for piano solo that showcases your musical and technical abilities (4-5 minutes). This doesn't have to be classical music -- you can do whatever you like (e.g. jazz improvisation). Feel free to bring an excerpt from a longer piece.

DUET, Either the Primo part or the Secondo part of EITHER of the following piano duets (so you have FOUR options, parts are attached here):

Massenet's Année Passée (Book 1, No. 1 - A l'Ombre)


Reger's 6 Walzer (No. 1 - Allegro)

Regarding the duet part:

Please listen to both pieces and choose a duet part that you will feel comfortable with and that will showcase your ability best. There's no pressure to choose a harder part, but we can tell if you could have chosen a more challenging part, and we can tell if you're sight-reading! We are assuming that you will be familiar with your chosen part by the time of the audition, and we will be looking for communication with your duet partner, music-making, and adherence to the composer's wishes (e.g. regarding tempo, articulation, character; the composers have been very precise about all of these things). But mostly, we're just looking forward to playing with you all!

**If you would like to have a practice session with a member for the duet before your auditions, sign up by September 15