one of the only performing groups on the planet where you’ll ever see five pianos on a stage.


As pioneers in the art of collaborative piano, we challenge the notion that piano is only a solo instrument and push the traditional boundaries of how the instrument is performed. Four hands on one piano, ten hands on five pianos, and everything in between - we’ve done it or we’ll do it. Our mission is nothing less than to make beautiful music accessible to all and to spread it around Princeton and the world.

We are music-lovers of all stripes, from budding composers to crazy computer coders, from the occasional philosopher to international piano prizewinners. Since we were founded in 2012, PPE (as we fashion ourselves) has grown at a stunning pace. In spring of 2016, we were named the official artists-in-residence at Princeton’s iconic performance venue, Richardson Auditorium, and this past fall we had an exclusive masterclass with world-famous pianist Daniil Trifonov. We hold two major concerts on campus every year, which are typically sold-out events. In the past, we have performed at Steinway Hall in NYC, held an innovative piano battle with the Harvard Piano Society, and collaborated with La Vie en Cello and Princeton University Ballet.

We are also active in the community, frequently performing at schools, churches, and senior homes around the Princeton area. Aside from performing, our ensemble outputs dozens of original arrangements and compositions each year, which has opened up an entire new library of music for multiple pianos. Through the buttons below, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @princetonpianists, and check out our videos on YouTube!